Resume/Cover Letter Formatting Tips

If the margins of your document are set outside the standard, the formatting of your document will change when it is uploaded to ApplyToEducation.

Standard margins are applied to your documents when they are uploaded. If the margins in your document have been altered, this could cause words and lines to move once the document is uploaded.

If this happens, please save the original document as a PDF or RTF and then try re-uploading it.

If you are still experiencing formatting issues, please adjust the margins of your document to the standard:

  • 54cm top and bottom
  • 17cm left and right

For Resume and Cover Letter documents:

  1. On your computer, select and open the file you would like to upload.
  2. Click [Save As] and save the document as a PDF.
  3. Please name your document and save the new PDF document on your computer.

Note: If you have already applied to a position, convert the document into a PDF file and re-upload the document to the job posting in the Job Application Log. Please ensure that you click Save before exiting.

ApplyToEducation Team

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