Why is There a $14.99 Fee?

ApplyToEducation is a document delivery service, an electronic alternative to mailing your application to a School Board employer. Our system allows you to use one application to apply to multiple employers and job postings.  It also allows you to store your application in a secure online format.  You can apply to unlimited job postings and make unlimited updates to your application during the 12 months your purchased credits are active.  This ensures employers you applied to immediately have access to your latest information.

With ApplyToEducation you have the added advantage of knowing your application is on file with the selected School Board and that your name appears whenever they perform an applicant search that matches your Portfolio. Furthermore, with ApplyToEducation there is an increased amount of security because your Portfolio application cannot be deleted or thrown away like a paper application or an email, but remains in the employers applicant database for 12 months.

ApplyToEducation Team

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