Where did my Occasional Employees section go?

We have recently updated our UI to improve your user experience, which is why you are no longer seeing the ‘Occasional Employees’ section in your account.

In order to view which school boards, you have been occasionally approved with, click on Who Can View my Portfolio in the Portfolio section of your account.

You can view and apply to occasional/internal job posting by going to your Job Postings tab and clicking on Search Jobs. It will automatically default to show you jobs posted by your employer.

The selected school district(s) will also be listed in your Account Summary page of the Portfolio under the heading My Employer.

If your employer uses our automated dispatch system (EasyConnect) you will see a new section on your navigation bar labelled ‘Easy Connect’.

This is where you will be able to access and set up your Occasional Preferences and review any EasyConnect assignments you have been offered and accepted.

ApplyToEducation Team

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