How to Format Corrupted/Incompatible Files?

If you encounter the message below after uploading a resume, cover letter, or supporting document and your files are still not visible after two hours, then the file you uploaded may be corrupted or incompatible with our system.

Please follow these steps to re-format your documents before trying to re-upload them to your Portfolio.

Step 1: Open your document, click on Ctrl + P (Mac Users: Command + P).

Step 2: In the Printer option, select Print to PDF.

Step 3: Give your file a recognizable name, in the Save as type drop-down menu, select PDF Document. Click Save.

Upload the newly formatted PDF document to your Resumes and Cover Letters page, or to the Supporting Documents in your Portfolio.


Please note that files may not be able to upload if they are too large. Resume(s) and Cover Letter(s) may not exceed the size of 5MB. Whereas documents within the Supporting Documents section of your Portfolio, may not exceed the maximum file size of 10MB.

If the file is too big, you can try to compress it and upload a smaller version of the file using this free online tool:

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